Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rain Check...

Franci and I left this morning to fast and pray in Yanamayo. We didn't expect to make any contacts today but just wanted prepare the place in prayer. We walked to the corner by our house to see if there's a combi out to Yanamayo. Basically you have to go down into town to get another combi to go back out of town to Yanamayo. Next time we might try walking which will probably take us about 45 minutes to an hour or we can walk to Alto Huascar which we know takes about 30 minutes and take a 50 centimo combi from there to Yanamayo. We will learn soon enough what works best.
After the two combis we got out to Yanamayo and got dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Basically all "cities/suburbs" called barrios have some sort of a center usually with a plaza. But Yanamayo does not. And Yanamayo does not have paved roads. We got off and didn't have a plan other than to prayer walk in this place. So we walked on the wet, muddy road with a slight sprinkle of rain and started praying. Then we stopped at an overlook and continued praying for God's strength and guidance to work in the place. That He would open the hearts of the people there and that we would be available vessles for Him to use in this barrio. As we prayed the rain got stronger and stronger. With nowhere to go and nothing but muddy roads ahead of us we decided to head back home. Another two combis and now we are home and dry.
We are going to continue our fasting and praying for Yanamayo here at home. You can help us pray for guidance. Starting anything is difficult. Have you ever had a big project and didn't know where to start? Or have you ever moved and didn't know how to start packing? Or cleaned a messy room and didn't know what to clean first. Well, that's what this feels like right now. Franci and I knew we wanted to start with prayer and fasting but from here we really don't have a plan. And our group is starting at an awkward and difficult time. Not only has it been 20 days since we arrived in Puno and are still not completley settled in the house for various reasons, but also, we are starting in the rainy season which as you can see, affects what we can do. The other obstacle we are facing is that the Fiesta de la Candelaria is starting this week and will go through mid February. This fiesta is the biggest event in Puno for the entire year. There will be more beer consumed in Puno within the next few weeks than what will be consumed in the rest of Peru for an entire year. Men will be cheating on their wives, women will be drunk, children will be left alone, hearts and lives will be broken. The people here are not very receptive to hearing anything about church or the Bible right now because they want to participate in the festival and all that it includes.
Today didn't go as we had planned but I have no doubt that the day hasn't been a waste and neither was our short trip out to Yanamayo.