Monday, July 11, 2011

Casa de Dios

We have our first building in Yanamayo! Francisca and I had been asking everyone in Yanamayo if they knew of a room or house to rent. We are discipling more than 20 people in Yanamayo and we need a place to meet all together so these new believers can start fellowshipping and also so Franci and I can consolidate our house to house lessons into a group lesson.
After asking around for weeks, finally one day Carmen told us she has a friend who has an empty house down the street. She got the keys and we took a look at it. The cool part was, Mom and Dad were here that day and they got to check the house out with us! I walked in and started tearing up. I knew God had this place for us and I was so excited for what He has in store for Yanamayo, so relieved to finally have found a place.
We would have taken the place immediately, that day but the owner was out of town. So we waited another week and a half until she was back in Yanamayo. The moment Carmen called us to let us know she had arrived, we dropped everything we were doing and went up to Yanamayo to sign a contract and give her the first and last month's rent.
A few days later, we had an inauguration service and now we are holding services there every Sunday and Tuesday evening as well as a kids class on Saturday afternoons! Check out our awesome turnout for the inauguration service as well as some photos of the house. Many of the houses in Yanamayo, including this one, were a Habitat for Humanity project back in the 80's. Ronald Regan went to Yanamayo Peru to help with this project and all the original owners still remember his visit along with many other North American's.

Our kids singing a song at our first service. And, my homemade sign with our schedule of services.

There's only running water in the morning so we have to fill up the trash can with water and use the bucket to flush the toilet.

Thanks NWCC for the Spanish Bibles!

The house came complete with curtains!
This is our backyard, I call it the jungle, still a bit of work to do!
The floor in the bathroom and the living room.